Beau Mystery Box


You deserve some time to yourself. You deserve to do something nice for yourself. Take care of you so you can continue taking care of others.

Bresumbrella is offering a Mystery Wellness Box available in 2 tiers. Either tier contains different items ranging from candles to essential oils. Additionally they will all feature exclusive item(s) only available in this mystery box!

Please select your sizing option with care. We will not be able to modify this once the transaction has been completed.

Premium Mystery Box contains 4 items. The Deluxe Mystery Wellness Box contains 6. 

SHIPPING NOTE: Because of EXTREME COVID-19 conditions around the U.S.A. we are receiving notes from FedEx and USPS of slowed or even shut down hubs and deliveries, please allow 3-6 additional business days for the orders to be processed and delivered if you are serviced in an affected area.

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