The Homecoming: Join me on this 30 Day Yoga Journey

The Homecoming is a 30-day Yoga Experience. We will journey pass old beliefs and limitations, through self-discovery and inspiration, diving right into reconnecting with and deepening our relationship with ourselves. Let's do this together. I'm with you.


Day 1: Check-in

Day 2: Intention

Day 3: Release

Day 4: Balance 

Day 5: Creativity

Day 6: Anew

Day 7: Warmth

Day 8: Supported

Day 9: Divine

Day 10: Stretch

Day 11: Strength

Day 12: Grounded

Day 13: Breath

Day 14: Committed

Day 15: Mean

Check out the remaining days on The Homecoming: 30 Day Yoga Journey playlist...

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